Hamilton's 300,000 Trees program

My vision is for Hamilton to be the most family friendly city in NZ - for all stages of life.   

Scientists say the easiest and most cost-effective way to fight climate change is to plant lots of trees - one trillion of them. 

And how do you go about planting 1 trillion trees? And where should they be planted?  Although tree-planting is a simple solution it isn’t simply a matter of planting trees helter-skelter

NZ has plenty of land to plant trees. Researchers at Yale University have found that adding 1.2 Trillion trees would reverse 10 years’ worth of harmful emissions. Over the decades those new trees would absorb billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

As guests on this planet, we all need to do our bit to fight climate change. 

I want to develop a 3-year programme for Hamilton to plant a monumental three hundred thousand trees, it will be a huge effort but will be achievable with the right planning and support from the community. 

We can follow the lead of Auckland, who planted one million trees and shrubs in 3-years.

Council already has its own tree nursery based at the Hamilton Gardens. Through our community services and partnerships we could draw on labour to plant and maintain the trees. And we could follow examples from overseas as well. Schools in Ethiopia were instrumental in helping plant 350 million trees in one day last June. 

We could coincide with Hamilton’s Arbor Day where each year around 20,000 plants are planted by the community, local businesses and the project partners. Funding can be sourced from the NZ government from The One Billion Trees Programme and Waikato Regional Council. 

Let’s give our children and future generations a healthy planet to live and flourish on.

Let’s Win Together.

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