Parks, Playgrounds, Cycleways & Walkways

I'll advocate for playgrounds, parks, cycleways and walkways.

My vision is for Hamilton to be the most family friendly city in NZ - for all stages of life.  

Parenthood was one of the most exciting times in my life. I loved the fun things we did as a family. Life always seemed to be so busy and energetic. But there were also times when I felt exhausted and just couldn’t keep up. Playgrounds, parks and walking trails were places I regularly visited to let the kids run around and burn off some energy. And these places also gave me some space if I needed it, or just gave me an opportunity to connect with other mums or dads.

I believe that today more than ever we ALL must have easy access to exciting, interesting, well-designed recreation spaces. As our life choices now remove much of the daily activity we once had, not only does our physical health lessen but so does our emotional and mental health.  

So I want to make sure Hamilton continues with its playground programme. The original purpose of these playgrounds was to provide unique, exciting playgrounds with excellent amenity. These are places where your family can spend quality time without having to pay an admission fee! 

Ill keep pushing for upgrading the neighbourhood playgrounds as well. These tired, forgotten playgrounds are ready for some TLC.

Our neighbourhood parks can be even more beautiful and inviting. Well need thoughtful design, great planning and planting and regular maintenance to make sure our open spaces are well used.  I like the idea of recreational areas that really connect to their community - like Passive Parks, Skate Parks and Fitness trails.

And our Bike Plan needs to be kept on track. Green dashes on the road will not make anyone feel safe. And we know that feeling safe on the road is the biggest barrier to getting on your  bike. Ill advocate for protected cycle lanes, regular cycleway maintenance and connecting up our existing network. You cant imagine the satisfaction I feel when I see commuters, and families of all ages and stages out on their bikes making the most of our bike trails.

Lets Win Together!

Thanks for sharing and thanks for your time.

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